CO2 Welding Wire

We are reliably CO2 welding wire manufacture.The CO2 Welding Wires provided by us are widely demanded in the market because the unmatched quality and excellent performance. The CO2 Welding Wires are available in varied sizes and dimensions as per the technique parameter and drawings provided yours.

CO2 welding wire features:

  1. This processing own stability of the welding process.
  2. Smaller extent of spatter.
  3. Good seam molding
  4. Low cost welding ~ the cost of only submerged arc welding and manual electric arc welding 40~50%
  5. High production efficiency
  6. Easy operating ~ This is no limited to workpiece thickness, and can be weld in all position even down welding.

CO2 welding wire technique parameter:

UTS Kgf/mm2

YS Kgf/mm2

Elongation % (L=5d)

Charpy- V Impact
value at -29 degree C KG FM





  1. Size diameter: 0.8, 1.2, 1.6
  2. Welding amps: 50~150, 70~210, 90~300
  3. Spool size: Ø 510mm Od, height 790mm for 250kg
  4. Welding position: horizontal or vertical
  5. Wire composition: C 0.07, Si 0.945, Mn 1.52, S 0.017, P 0.020


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